Friary Wood is the perfect Location for EXPLORING – situated on the A36 Bath to Warminster Road, its an easy route to all local attractions!

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful stately homes open to the public, this magnificent Elizabethan property is home to the 7th Marquess of Bath. Set within ‘Capability’ Brown landscaped parkland, the house contains many fine treasures. Longleat offers a great day out for all the family.

From lions to tigers, monkeys to giraffe, discover many of the world’s most majestic and endangered creatures within the Safari Park. Get lost in the ‘Longleat Hedge Maze’, voyage on the Safari Boats, journey on the Longleat Railway, and much more.

Bath and the surrounding area is brimming with things to see and do. Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Bath is a unique city; with it’s hot springs, Roman Baths, splendid Abbey and some of the finest architectural sights in Europe such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus and Pulteney Bridge alongside a diverse collection of museums and attractions it is a beautiful & unforgettable place to visit.

Explore this compact city on foot; irresistible shopping, a diverse range of restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs and nightclubs, interesting museums & a wide range of guided tours.
The Thermae Bath Spa; a day spa where you can bathe in Britain’s only natural mineral-rich thermal waters, & choose from a range of spa treatments designed to ease the body and soothe the mind.

AQVA SANA SPA is situated at CenterParcs on the the beautiful Longleat Estate. Let yourself go and indulge in pure spa luxury. All on one level, there are treats around every corner; from tranquil water beds and cosy cocoons around a warming fire, to a delightful spa pool and the sublime meditation room.

The surrounding countryside offers so much to do and see; from stunning stately homes and gardens, timeless villages of mellow stone cottages (among these are the film locations of Castle Combe, acclaimed as England’s prettiest village and the National Trust village of Lacock, which provided the romantic setting for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Emma and many other period dramas), to unique gems such as Stonehenge.

Just a few miles from Friary Wood you’ll find a wealth of historic & picturesque villages; Nunneyand Farleigh Hungerford have romantic ruined castles. Mells is the home of the famous nursery rhyme Little Jack Horner and the burial place of war poet Siegfried Sassoon. Norton St Philip witnessed a skirmish in the Duke of Monmouth’s campaign which led to the last battle on English soil in 1685. Beckington and Rode also have many features of historic interest including fine parish churches.

Frome is the fourth largest town in Somerset, and a wonderful centre from which to visit the surrounding area. It is an attractive town built on steep hills with cobbled streets. Architecturally well preserved, there are more listed buildings in Frome than in any other Somerset town.

STONEHENGE stands impressively as a prehistoric monument of unique importance, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by remains of ceremonial and domestic structures – some older than the monument itself. Many of these features – earthworks, burial mounds and other circular ‘henge’ monuments – are accessible by road or public footpath.

STOURHEAD House and Gardens on the Wiltshire-Somerset border is the perfect day out for everyone. A breathtaking 18th century landscape garden with lakeside walks, grottoes and classical temples is only the beginning.

BOWOOD Home of the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne, this 18th century house was designed by Robert Adam. On display in the exhibition rooms upstairs is a remarkable collection of family heirlooms built up over 250 years. These include Victoriana, Indiana, silver, porcelain and paintings. This Wiltshire stately home stands in one of ‘Capability’ Brown’s most beautiful parks with lake, terraces, waterfall and Doric temple. Adventure playground for children 12 and under and indoor soft play palace.

BRADFORD ON AVON is a bustling market town which still serves the local farming community as it has done for centuries. Nestling in the western corner of Wiltshire, Bradford is only 8 miles from the World Heritage City of Bath.

One of the most compelling features about Bradford is its unique position on the edge of the Cotswolds facing the River Avon. The ancient bridge in the centre of the town remains its natural focus and still retains two of its original 13th-century arches. The historical view from the main bridge incoporates the hill above the town which is dotted with the old weavers’ cottages and the river bank flanked with the 19th-century former cloth mills.

IFORD MANOR & THE PETO GARDEN – award winning Grade I Italian-Style garden famous for its tranquil beauty, the home of architect and landscape gardener Harold Peto, from 1899-1933. Unique and romantic, this hillside garden is characterised by steps, terraces, sculpture and magnificent rural views. Children under 10 free.

WOOKEY HOLE CAVES Magnificent caves with underground lakes and the famous Witch of Wookey Hole. Hand-made paper-making and other attractions. New Valley of the Dinosaurs and Enchanted Fairy Garden.

Legend has it that during the Dark Ages an old woman who kept a dog and some goats lived alone in the caves. Everything that went wrong in the village was blamed on her. The local people believed she was a witch who cast spells and caused misfortunes.

Eventually, the people sought the help of the Abbot at nearby Glastonbury Abbey. He sent a monk called Father Bernard to exorcise the Witch’s spirit.

He entered the cave armed only with a bible and a candle. In the faint light Father Bernard saw the witch stooping over her cooking pot. He tried to talk to her, but, screaming curses and casting spells, the witch fled deeper into the cave down a narrow passageway called Hell’s Ladder.

The brave monk followed her and they met again in the shadowy depths of an inner cavern. Quickly, Father Bernard scooped up a handful of water from the river, blessed it and threw it over the witch.

She turned instantly to stone and her frozen figure remains in this cavern – known as The Witch’s Kitchen – to this

CHEDDAR GORGE a place of wild and rugged beauty, is a karst limestone and calcareous grassland nature reserve and home to many rare plants and animals, including endangered Greater Horseshoe bats. Cheddar Caves are world famous for their spectacular stalactite and stalagmite decorations, whose beautiful colours are mirrored in pools of water. These caves also fired the imagination of JRR Tolkien, author of the trilogy Lord of the Rings, on his honeymoon visit in 1916. The Crystal Quest, the dark-walk fantasy adventure, creates a similar world of elven magic and bold adventure underground “because everyone knows that dragons live in caves”…

There is also a new museum of pre-history, Cheddar Man & the Cannibals, which explores 40,000 years of British pre-history

For more adventurous thrill-seekers, who are looking for high adrenaline action, try the Rock Sport Outdoor Pursuits. Adventure Caving Expeditions or Climbing & Abseiling!

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